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New Corporate Office

General's New Corporate Office Building Built to LEED Standards!

General Heating and Air Conditioning's New CorporateGeneral Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to announce the opening of our new Corporate Headquarters. The three story building is located on our campus in Madison, Wisconsin and has received rave reviews from employees and visitors.

The building was designed to reflect the work that General performs. Exposed ceilings, specialty metal work, and architectural details strategically highlight the ductwork and piping while maintaining a sophisticated, functional office atmosphere with defined areas of interest. In addition to the building reflecting our work visually, current environmental standards, engineering technologies, and the movement for sustainability in design and construction are demonstrated in the procedures and processes used to complete this facility.

General's new office is a living reflection of the commitment and philosophy of our company's values. Our quality of workmanship and service shows itself around every corner, and our expertise in engineering and design is acknowledged in the comfort of the building. The parts that can not be seen or felt are the strategies our building and company use to make an impact on the environment.

USGBC LEED Gold CertifiedOur office building has been Certified by the Green Building Council as Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED) Gold. We are very proud of the efforts incorporated into the design and construction of our building to make this certification possible. Follow this link to our Educational Brochure to learn more about the LEED efforts initiated in our office building.