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Onsite Compliance Inspections

There are three separate types of job safety audits conducted here at General Heating and Air Conditioning.

  1. Random, unannounced job site inspections are conducted throughout the company's geographic area and are done by the safety staff. A proprietary 100 point inspection program has been developed to cover such areas to include: tools and equipment, confined space, fall protection, housekeeping, crane operations, and many more. The inspections result in a grading system for our on-site foreman and ongoing training is provided to ensure compliance and improvement. All inspection deficiencies are addressed prior to safety personnel departing the job site. These inspections are then shared with management
  2. Secondly, project managers are required to conduct physical safety audits of their jobs. Those inspections are documented on a form specifically designed for project managers. Any items noted as deficiencies are corrected prior to departing the site, and the documents are reviewed and maintained by the safety department
  3. In addition to these formal safety audits, self audits are completed on a regular basis by the on-site foreman. Each foreman has a daily responsibility to maintain a job site free of recognized hazards