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Safety Training

Education and training is the foundation for any long term, successful safety program. Routine formal training is provided for the wide range of job specific tasks throughout various jobsites.

Based on class size and requirements, GHAC utilizes two state-of-the-art training facilities. The classroom at the General Heating corporate office is capable of holding up to 20 attendees. In addition to this space, the Vondron Road facility was remodeled in July 2007 as a dedicated educational center. The largest of the classrooms is capable of comfortably holding 60 students with a built-in projector, screens, and surround sound audio systems. One of the smaller classrooms is dedicated to computer aided training via computer based or internet training modules. Educational classes held at this facility, or remote locations, are dictated by the needs of the company.

The following is a limited list of the training activities performed at the Vondron Road Training Center.

OSHA Construction Classes - Four in-house OSHA 500 instructors allow for easy scheduling of 10 and 30-hour OSHA classes for General Heating and Air Conditioning employees. The company is committed to providing the training and education needed to ensure a safe and healthful work environment. All foreman and management carry OSHA certification cards. Others are trained on an as needed basis.

First Aid/CPR/AED Training - Six in-house First Aid/CPR/AED instructors provide easy access to life saving training for all employees. The Vondron Road Training Facility allows available space to handle all groups sizes. We believe all management, supervisors, and those with a desire to learn should have this life saving education.

Crane Training - General Heating provides in-house crane, power line, rigging, and signal person training to all employees who participate in those activities.

Trenching and Excavation - A fully compliant OSHA training program is available for any work done in trenches and excavations.

Confined Space Entry - Any employee entering a confined space must undergo specialized training to comply with OSHA requirements.

Scaffold Safety Awareness - All scaffold work requires a safety training program to ensure that compliance safety measures are followed.

Competent Person - Foreman are given a high degree of safety management and technical training. This confirms that they function at a similar level to that of an OSHA Competent Person to oversee jobsite safety exposures at all times.

Annual Training - Other training activities provided by the safety department include, but are not limited to, excavation, confined space entry, forklift, aerial lift, lockout/tagout, etc.